No Retirement For Old Men

January 20, 2009


This year has been hilarious!

From the get go there was the Mats Sundin saga in which we all stood by for 9 months awaiting the decision of the 37 year old former leaf captain.  We all know what happened there, we read dumb article after dumb article and tried in our best hockey knowledge to guess where he would sign and when. Days turned to weeks and weeks into painful months of brutal media hype. Now Sundin  has taken his place back in the NHL and apparently got on the horn to all the retirement villas in the hockey world.

Yes. it is the year of the returning “retired” star.  

Claude Lemieux was well into his retirement when he decided he still had the desire to play, so he laced them up in Worchester in hopes of being called up to their affiliate the San Jose Sharks who just happen to be playing the best damn hockey of their existence. Well that vision has become a reality and the big club called up the old wiley veteran yesterday in hopes of him giving the Sharks that tough edge Claude has been known for in the past. And by past I mean like 1980’s.

Then we come to Peter Forsberg. Ok so he has not really officially retired but he has been on the shelf indefinitely for the last few seasons. Nagging injuries have sidelined him for the majority of the past few years subsiding long enough to claim 2/3 into a schedule that he is wanting to return and sign with anyone. Any team would be happy to have Forsberg but the problem here is there is a reason he is not playing the whole year, he simply can not. Like Claude, he has a burning passion to win that rages on within him ,but unfortunately doesn’t really get to make it happen as big as everyone anticipates. The coming days will most likely reveal if Foppa shall find his way back.

Last but not least there is Mr. Brendan Shanahan a true warrior and natural point scorer. Shanny was not even resigned after becoming a free agent last year in New York.  The club sort of just forgot about him and after months of no signing I started to wonder if he would ever skate again.  It made no sense he was still good for just under a point a game last season. So why no takers? Well finally almost 5 months into the 09 schedule the New Jersey Devils took a chance and signed the Wheaties champion for a mere $800,000. A steal in my opinion and hey guess what? He scored in his first game.

It will be very interesting to see at the end of the year which old man has had the biggest impact in their not so triumphant return.

Which brings us to our next big poll: 

Guess What I’m Doing Dec. 28th?

December 19, 2008

Tonni Tuiste and I recently purchased tickets to see the Ottawa Senators when they come to town(yes, I live in Vancouver) to take on the new look  Canucks. By new look of course I mean the Sundin led Canucks! Mats will be eligible to play for Van City as early as the 27th when the holiday roster freeze ends.  As cool as it would be for him to be playing by then I kind of hope the Sens killer is not in the line up 😉


It’s Finally Over!

December 19, 2008


After months of rumours, speculation and horribly written articles the day has finally come. Mats Sundin has decided where he will play the remainder of the season….

That team is the Vancouver Canucks.

There is no real surprise here as the Canucks presented the most lucrative deal to Mr. Sundin and his agent J.P. barry. Sundin was quoted as saying money was not the issue in his long decision process, however it has become evident that no one else could clear enough cap space to make room for the old Swede. The New York Rangers reportedly failed in a vain attempt that would have sent Avery from the Dallas Stars back to NY for Rosival and  a conditional pick. Apparently the Stars pulled out when they were told they could not have Dubinsky too.

The monetary details of the contract have not been released as of yet but I understand that NY offered as high as 7.5 a year to no avail and we all know Vancouver was willing to put up 20 million for two years. You do the math!