Congrats Marty!

March 14, 2009


Congratulations are definitely in order for Mr. Martin Brodeur who tied Patrick Roy’s record for most wins by a goalie. (551)

Not only did Marty get to tie his childhood idol’s record he did it in front of Roy and the habitant faithful.  The New Jersey legend and future hall of famer has another record in sights as he needs only 3 more shut outs to tie Terry Sawchuk’s record of 103.

Due to all the Marty talk of late there has definitely been the serious re-emergence of the age old question who is better: Roy or Brodeur.  It used to be an easy reply, Roy of course! Now the query has a bit of a dilemna to it.  Sure Roy has one more ring than Brodeur but the way Marty has been playing since the return from his injury this year he may tie that one up too.

So my faithful readers I leave the “q” unto you…

Say it ain’t so “Bro”

November 7, 2008


Just as the whole hockey world was bracing itself for the NHL records book to be re-written… 

Cursed disaster unfolds for whom one day will be known as the greatest goaltender.

I felt bad that I did not give any condolences these past few days to Devils fans, Brodeur, or anyone that plain jane just wanted to see the man surpass two legends this season.

So here it is a quick little note in honour of a man who is only 7 victories from tying Patrick Roy’s all time win record and a mere 5 shutouts from evening up with the legendary Terry Sawchuk’s 103. 

Although you may not get it done this year Mr. Brodeur, fear not you will get your day in the sun.

I almost want to blame the media hype for this. It’s the classic Murphy’s law at work.  Everyone in the hockey world has been talking about it, from satellite hot stoves, to countdown clocks. Its like the ol’ curse of mentioning a shutout in the last 10 minutes of a game when a goalie is looking good to go when “oops” a softie thanks to our beloved colour commentators.

Brodeur had surgery yesterday to repair his torn left biceps near the elbow.

“According to the doctors, his surgery was 100 per cent successful,” Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said in a statement. “The timetable for his return remains three to four months.”

Get well soon Marty!