Next Year Boys!

March 31, 2009

For the first time in 11 years the Ottawa Senators will not be lacing them up for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It is an odd feeling I must admit. Around this time of year for the past ten years or so I spend my time trash talking and staking bold claims. When the Sens first started qualifying for the post season I wasn’t making too many outlandish predictions but as the years rolled on and the boys got stronger it was not unusual for me to expect glory.

This year is a bit different. No anxiety, no heartburn, no screaming at the television and no running out the house down the street and yelling “we are going to the finals!”

I want to thank every player, coach, trainer, and GM that was involved in the last 11 years of making me a proud fan and I look forward to what is in store for next season.

Until then I hope to enjoy a playoff full of no expectations and the guarantee of no heart breaks.

Yes We Can!

March 20, 2009


Ok so the Sens would literally have to win their remaining 13 games to guarantee a spot in the playoffs. To many and myself included this seems damn near impossible but with the rate they are going at right now it’s closer to improbable.

What looked like a team that could be in the crapper for years to come had they continued their losing ways has miraculously turned into a competitive near elite team with edge and yes wait for it… CHARACTER!

We all knew that they had it in them but couldn’t understand what was hindering them. I have to admit I was skeptical to the notion it was Hartsburg’s fault, but holy Moses have they ever turned it around since Clouston took the helm going 13-6-3 post coaching change.

I never lost faith in Bryan Murray and still feel he can further impress me and the rest of the sens faithful by July 1st.

It is glorious to see the team producing all the way down the roster and not stopping past “line one” like they have for the last year and a bit.

Kudos go to Brian Elliot for breaking the record for most consecutive wins (7) by a Senators rookie goaltender, surpassing Jani Hurme and Ray Emery.  It is a reassuring feeling knowing that what is potentially our back up next year can hang with the big boys!

Lastly I would just like to revel in the fact that Habs fans are getting what they deserve after all their gloating and bragging since the beginning of the year.  Your team is going nowhere, firing Carbonneau was dumb, Gainey is done and Carey Price is more like Lazarus then Jesus Christ right now.

Love it!


Congrats Marty!

March 14, 2009


Congratulations are definitely in order for Mr. Martin Brodeur who tied Patrick Roy’s record for most wins by a goalie. (551)

Not only did Marty get to tie his childhood idol’s record he did it in front of Roy and the habitant faithful.  The New Jersey legend and future hall of famer has another record in sights as he needs only 3 more shut outs to tie Terry Sawchuk’s record of 103.

Due to all the Marty talk of late there has definitely been the serious re-emergence of the age old question who is better: Roy or Brodeur.  It used to be an easy reply, Roy of course! Now the query has a bit of a dilemna to it.  Sure Roy has one more ring than Brodeur but the way Marty has been playing since the return from his injury this year he may tie that one up too.

So my faithful readers I leave the “q” unto you…

We Have A Goalie!

March 4, 2009


Less Than 24 Hours To Go…

March 3, 2009


With the 2009 trade deadline literally hours away Bryan Murray has already been busy getting ready for the re-tooling of his team.  Martin Gerber was once again placed on waivers and joining him on the wire is defenseman Brendan Bell.  

The Ottawa camp has been trying its best to also get pending free agents, Chris Neil and Filip Kuba signed.. The two veterans must be either dealt or signed before Mr. Murray runs the risk of letting two potentially market friendly players walk for nothing come July.

In my opinion I don’t really see either of these guys resigning unless they can agree to what they are actually worth. I can’t understand why Chris Neil believes he can nearly double his salary after having the crummiest of seasons, including an injury that has seen him miss some critical match ups of late.

As for Filip Kuba the team would be better off with him than without him granted he too can agree to terms that are not going to push Ottawa over the cap edge.

Regardless by this time tomorrow the Senators will have had their first taste of being sellers in over 11 years. Will it be a fast turn around next year that will see Ottawa back in the play off race or will it take some time to get back on track?

What do you think?